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Yuppiechef Haul

A little while ago we attended a fun-filled evening hosted by Fuze ice tea at The Artisan in Greenside. We ate and drank to our heart’s content and then got to go home with a sweet goodie bag that included a R500 Yuppiechef voucher! I decided to use the voucher on treats for my pantry. The products below did not make up the full R500 but these are some of my favourite vegan-friendly treats.


Vegan Choc-Chip Biscuits

Dark Chocolate Chip Biscuits

Everyones loves a good chocolate chip biscuit, so when the craving hit (and no it isn’t a pregnancy craving, just a regular one), I decided to whip up a batch of these bad boys.READ MORE


Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant

I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement upon arrival at+27design café one chilly Saturday evening.
I’d missed the previous pop-up, I wasn’t going to miss another one.

I first came across Khanya Mzongwana (aka Yulu Ishii) while browsing my favourite local foodie magazine Taste, and promptly decided I needed to stalk her every move on social media.READ MORE


Snacking on the road

Road tripping, jet-setting, and hiking all require some form of padkos and we prefer the kind that won’t make you feel carsick. So we took some pictures of the types of snacks we pack when we’re hitting the road, with Taylor Swift blasting in our ears, to show you how easy it is to stay healthy and happy even when you don’t have access to your own kitchen.READ MORE


Dinner with How Far From Home

Being invited over for dinner by friends isn’t strange. Being invited over for dinner by your friends who live in Austria when you’re in Johannesburg South Africa, is.READ MORE


Vegan Easter Eggs from Woolworths

My parents hid Easter eggs in the garden for me and my sister for as long as we lived at home… I only moved out at 23. Every year, even as grumpy teenagers, they’d wake us up early in the morning to hunt for the eggs. READ MORE


Dani and Warren’s Wedding Food

Last year, on the 3rd of April, something magical happened… I got to marry my best friend. I was lucky enough to share a beautiful day dancing, laughing, drinking, and (most importantly) eating, with all my closest family and friends.



What to feed a veggie at a braai

Dani has patiently been teaching me about better ways of eating and has shown me time and time again what amazing food can be created without any animal products. Whether you are vegan, interested in healthy eating or just really love the same kinds of food as us, this blog is for you. READ MORE


Jamie Oliver is our hero

Jamie Oliver has always been one of my favourite chefs with his quirky personality, cute British accent and more seriously his fight for a healthier society. Dani and I love him even more because he has added so many vegan and vegetarian recipes to his impressive repertoire of easy and delicious meals. READ MORE