The Kitchen Thief | What to feed a veggie at a braai
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What to feed a veggie at a braai

Dani has patiently been teaching me about better ways of eating and has shown me time and time again what amazing food can be created without any animal products. Whether you are vegan, interested in healthy eating or just really love the same kinds of food as us, this blog is for you. We really want to educate people on the myriad options that are out there. We want minds to expand and become more conscious.

So, one evening after work we got together and had a delicious summer braai. If you have any veggie friends and are having nightmares thinking about what to feed them besides salad, fear not.

To munch on while prepping, we bought nachos and salsa from good ‘ol Woolies.



The mushroom skewers were definitely my favourite and I’ve made them a couple times with great success. Marinated in peri-peri spice, lemon and seasoning, these babies are so quick and simple to make. Simply rub on the mixture or marinate the mushrooms for a while. Alternate between mushrooms, garlic cloves and small lemon wedges on the sticks and braai until cooked.

We also roasted peppers, herbed aubergine slices drizzled in olive oil and mielies in the fire.




We toasted a ciabatta loaf in the oven and enjoyed the meal with a fresh salad of grapes, cucumber, avo, sprouts, leaves and cucumber. Drizzle with lemon and use coconut oil to spread over your hot toasty bread.


There are tons of options out there if you use your imagination (and the internet). You just need to troll through Pinterest, gather what’s in the fridge and stop letting your mind get in the way of delicious veggie food.

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