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Lunch at the Pillay’s

Our good friend Leyash is the kind of guy who rocks up to the lunch table with homemade, smoked tomato relish that he lovingly made over the weekend. He experiments with ingredients and has a love for food that matches ours. Turns out he definitely gets a bit of that flair from his mom, Kalyani.

She invited us over for lunch one Sunday afternoon and we returned the favour by bringing plenty of wine. She prepared a spectacular meal for us including THE most phenomenal almond hummus served with freshly toasted bread, olives and onion jam. This is something you must try at home.

We had a fresh pomegranate and avo salad with our two curries. One was beans, lentils and potatoes and the other with cauliflower and green peas (along with a fair amount of chili inside and on the side). This was served with fresh rotis and delicious fluffy rice topped with flaked almonds and caramalised onion. We ate more than we should have but it was really hard to resist.

Dessert is always tricky for those not used to cooking without dairy and eggs, but Kalyani rose to the challenge and surprised us with her take on vegan trifle. This is definitely for the sweet-toothed creature! Vegan custard made with apple sauce, layered with cake slices and topped with coconut whipped cream, toasted coconut flakes and a fresh cherry! Craving one of these right now.

Not only did Kalyani surpass her own expectations but she definitely surpassed ours. It’s always fulfilling seeing how someone uncertain about sticking to a vegan meal plan, makes the most delicious food, enjoys it and learns something too. There’s nothing better than a Sunday spent with friends and family, stuffing your faces and drinking wine.

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