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Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant

I was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement upon arrival at+27design café one chilly Saturday evening.
I’d missed the previous pop-up, I wasn’t going to miss another one.

I first came across Khanya Mzongwana (aka Yulu Ishii) while browsing my favourite local foodie magazine Taste, and promptly decided I needed to stalk her every move on social media.READ MORE


Dinner with How Far From Home

Being invited over for dinner by friends isn’t strange. Being invited over for dinner by your friends who live in Austria when you’re in Johannesburg South Africa, is.READ MORE



We’re huge fans of curry, and this has got to be one of our favourite recipes yet. It is creamy and delicious and beautifully presented. We found it on one of our go-to apps, Kitchen Stories, and we’ve made it a few time experimenting with different ingredients.READ MORE