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We love chinese flat bread, and ever since eating the hand-break bread at PRON we’ve been dying to try and make our own. This recipe is super simple and the result is delicious. READ MORE



We’re huge fans of curry, and this has got to be one of our favourite recipes yet. It is creamy and delicious and beautifully presented. We found it on one of our go-to apps, Kitchen Stories, and we’ve made it a few time experimenting with different ingredients.READ MORE


Dark Chocolate Pie

We’re not the best bakers in town, so if we managed to make this delicious pie then so can you!
Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie with Toasted Almond Crust and Strawberry Vanilla Compote.READ MORE


Vegan Easter Eggs from Woolworths

My parents hid Easter eggs in the garden for me and my sister for as long as we lived at home… I only moved out at 23. Every year, even as grumpy teenagers, they’d wake us up early in the morning to hunt for the eggs. READ MORE

She Said Blog (1 of 1)-3

Breakfast with She Said

Our beautiful friend Anna-Belle from She Said inspired us to finally make the move and start this blog. Since day one she has been a huge supporter of The Kitchen Thief, encouraging us to keep on sharing our story with the world. A couple of weeks ago we got to spend a Sunday morning with AB because she was featured as a guest blogger on A Fashion Friend and was shooting us for a piece about healthy eating. READ MORE


Dani and Warren’s Wedding Food

Last year, on the 3rd of April, something magical happened… I got to marry my best friend. I was lucky enough to share a beautiful day dancing, laughing, drinking, and (most importantly) eating, with all my closest family and friends.



Dining with Dolly

When our foodie friend, Dolly, invited us over for a lunch one Sunday we didn’t hesitate to accept.  One of our favourite things in the world is knowing that people we know and love are inspired to try vegan food, and when that person is as passionate about food as we are then it’s even better. READ MORE


Avo toast is the Holy Grail

We are literally dreaming of avocados since the “off-season” prices hit. The only good thing about winter is that avo’s are cheaper again! It’s an absolute favourite of The Kitchen Thief and we will pretty much add it to most dishes.



What to feed a veggie at a braai

Dani has patiently been teaching me about better ways of eating and has shown me time and time again what amazing food can be created without any animal products. Whether you are vegan, interested in healthy eating or just really love the same kinds of food as us, this blog is for you. READ MORE