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The Kitchen Thief x Jobest

When Anna-Belle called me up and asked if The Kitchen Thief would be interested in joining the Jobest team, my immediate answer without thinking was YES. Dani and I then had to take a step back and realise what that actually means.

We first started The Kitchen Thief Instagram a little over a year ago and decided a blog was too big a commitment at the time. We knew how much work it was and first wanted to figure out who TKT were and what we stood for. Dani and I have always had the philosophy that if it isn’t something we enjoy doing then we shouldn’t do it. One night I may not feel like taking photos and some days Dani doesn’t have the energy to write a post. We help each other out, take turns and always have fun.

Being a part of Jobest is a sign that we are growing up, taking things more seriously and committing to spending more time on our side projects. It’s a huge honour being associated with such amazing girls.

Melissa from The Truffle Journal has also joined the team as the Cape Town expert in what’s good to do around town.

We can’t wait to take you guys on adventures with us. Check out the Jobest blogpost over here.





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