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Dinner with How Far From Home

Being invited over for dinner by friends isn’t strange. Being invited over for dinner by your friends who live in Austria when you’re in Johannesburg South Africa, is. When we got the email from Chanel of How Far From Home to have a virtual dinner together to celebrate Veganuary, we were very excited. Mention the words ‘food’ and ‘wine’ to us and we’re there without hesitation.

The concept was simple. We propose the main meal, Chanel and Stevo the dessert, and then we’d make both recipes on either side of the world and enjoy them together via Skype. The real fear only set in when Chanel sent through her dessert recipe and we realised that we’d actually have to bake something (our desserts usually consist of some Dark Aero). Luckily we have some friends who provided tools and guidance (thank you to Lucy for the dish and Tanya for the basically making the entire thing while we drank wine), and the dark chocolate pie ended up being a lot simpler than we thought.

With the pie in the fridge, we started making the main dish which was one of our favourite curries and our first attempt at hand-break bread (you might remember us raving about it here). You can check out the recipes for the food we made here, here, and here.

So here are some pictures from the evening, and you can read more about it on Chanel and Stevo’s blog here.

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A special thanks to Warren for taking some pictures of us cooking.

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