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Even though Dani and I work together and live in the same area, we can go weeks without having quality time where we can just sit, eat and relax. Between our agency jobs and trying to keep up with the millions of things that come with being an adult, we try to relish the opportunities we do get.
One evening after work we rushed to Linden, tummies grumbling, ready to see what PRON had to offer.

I had been there on a previous occasion but had only tried 2 of the starters. It was time for some more authentic Chinese goodness.

Upon arriving, we immediately got a hand-break bread, their famous dry fried green beans and 2 of their Lucky beers (they come in the shape of Buddha). Recently we tried to make our own hand-break bread, which turned out to be pretty easy (flour, salt, oil and spring onions) but theirs was still definitely the winner.

We also tried the tofu and cucumber salad, the seaweed noodles and took home a tofu chili starter (with extra hand-break bread). We did feel that the noodles lacked a bit of flavour punch, so we added the Sichuan chili sauce provided on the table and some soy sauce. All in all, we had a great experience with the food, and it was great chatting to the owner, who is very knowledgeable about vegan food and passionate about creating authentic cuisine the way she remembers from her childhood.
I’ve already been back and wished I lived closer so I could easily satisfy my PRON cravings.

X Nicole







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